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The answers to the most frequently asked questions

Below, the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fasano Tools products.
Warranty, services, repairs, maintenance: everything you have always wanted to ask, condensed into simple concise and exhaustive answers.

The warranty for FASANO products is twelve months, according to European legal standards.

A Fasano Tools product comes under warranty when a manufacturing defect of the same is ascertained. For this aspect to be confirmed, technical feedback from our internal laboratory is required. .

To request a maintenance service on FASANO TOOLS products it is necessary to contact the distributor from which you purchased. He will then send the article to our laboratory for the necessary analyzes.

On average, the repair takes 4/5 working days, excluding transport times to and from the company.

The cost of the maintenance service depends on the extent of the intervention. Before proceeding with any intervention (unless this is recognized as a guarantee) a regular cost estimate will be issued that takes into account both the cost of spare parts and labor.

It is possible to purchase spare parts for any FASANO TOOLS product by contacting your local distributor. Find the distributor closest to you.

Our laboratory is able to provide a calibration service on all FASANO TOOLS products that can enjoy this intervention (more generally, on all measuring instruments). The relative cost depends on the type of product. Below are the net prices reserved for the public for the Italian market: download the file

In order to use this service, please contact your local distributor who will take care of the operation.


On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions: warranty, maintenance, repair times and methods. If you do not find the answer you are looking for contact us at +39 0832 362097, we will solve all your requests.