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Corporate MISSION

Quality and support, the secret of your success

Our professional tools are made by passion and commitment to face the challenges of every day at work.

The world of work is a changing system, in constant evolution. Quick problem solving is the basis of every daily action. Our contribution takes the form of offering customizable tools, able to adapt to any situation, and continuous support, to overcome together the challenges that professionals face every day.

We are the answer to the needs of our customers to obtain performing tools with resistant, precise and long-lasting products, made by the choice of the best materials on the market and by the professionalism of our team of technicians and engineers, engaged in research and development.


Choosing Fasano Tools means entrusting your work to a brand that stands out for precision, respect and fairness.

Quality controls and choice of the best materials

Our corporate mission is customer-oriented: to support you in every daily need and to always be close to your work.


The tools are produced by choosing the best available materials


Constant support and maximum availability towards the customer


Great ability to anticipate market needs


Our commitment to research and development allows us to face the challenges of the market with flexibility and to anticipate its evolution.


Our mission is implemented with concrete answers to every critical issue, offering constant support to the customer to solve every problem with efficiency and timeliness.


FASANO TOOLS has always been the ideal partner for every customer. This daily goal is the result of commitment and passion and is achieved thanks to the quality of the productions and continuous customer support.

Our company is founded on fairness and respect; with these values, we have always welcomed Customers, Collaborators and Suppliers who become part of the Fasano Tools world.

Believing in it every day with determination to win the challenges of a versatile and changeable job: this is the value that has led us to reach the most ambitious goals.

Every person who comes into contact with Fasano Tools is immediately introduced into our profesional world and is supported by our after-sales assistance services, aimed at establishing sincere mutual trust.

The most important value, the one that determines every action, is the final satisfaction of our customers: the goal on which we focus at every stage of our production process.