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FG 184/S24

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Kit of timing chain removing tools
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FG 184/S24

FG 184/S24

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FG 184/S24-1Link removal tool
FG 184/S24-2 ?=Link removal tool
FG 184/S24-3Punch for tool no.1 & no.2
FG 184/S24-4Swaging jaw for locating
FG 184/S24-5Swaging jaw (press/swage)
FG 184/S24-6Swaging jaw (press/swage)
FG 184/S24-7Swaging jaw (locating)
FG 184/S24-8Swaging jaw (locating)
FG 184/S24-9Swaging jaw (locating)
FG 184/S24-10Swaging jaw (locating)
FG 184/S24-11Link removal pins
FG 184/S24-12Assembly link (temporary)
FG 184/S24-13Assembly link (temporary)
FG 184/S24-14Threading link (temporary)
FG 184/S24-15Threading link (temporary)
FG 184/S24-16Outer plates for tool no.15
FG 184/S24-17Mandrel (link removal)
FG 184/S24-18Security bolt (swaging jaws)

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