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After sales service

Whatever your job is, you can rely on us, all over the world

At Fasano Tools our professional assistance service is always ready to respond to your requests.

In Fasano Tools, after-sales support plays a fundamental role, guaranteeing the reliability of the brand over time. It is made up of a team of technicians coordinated by a constant super-vision in order to guarantee short times for any repairs, whether under warranty or normal maintenance due to wear over time.

Fasano Tools also guarantees the availability of all spare parts for at least 10 years from the time of product launch, also including the possibility that these can be purchased for any maintenance operations that the customer wishes to carry out in complete autonomy.

Spare parts service

For all our tools we guarantee a constant availability of spare parts

Assistance service

We are ready to provide you with a fast and professional service, anywhere in the world

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